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WS Beef Maker R13
ASA#: 2289889    Homo Polled - Non-diluter - Purebred

Sire: Hooks Shear Force 38K
Dam: DCR Ms Ribeye N72
MGS: R Plus Red Ribeye 1134L

Beef Maker may go down as Shear Forces' best son, with CE, WW, YM, MM, MWW, MB & REA all in that top 15% or higher in the breed, it is a feat almost no bull can match. He also mates very well with Red Angus cows. Limited semen available through Wilkinson Farms Simmentals.

WS Beef King W107
ASA#: 2499589    Homo Polled - Non-diluter - Purebred

Sire: WS Beef Maker R13
Dam: WS Miss Dreamboat T17
MGS: CNS Dream On

Beef King has established himself as one of the top performance bulls in the breed. Although less than a 6 frame bull, the muscle mass and body capacity he transmits is astounding. He is easily the most consistent breeding bull we have ever used.

Co-owned with C Diamond Simmentals

Hart Four LanE M165
ASA#: 2168320    Homo Polled – Homo Black – Purebred

Sire: HC Power Drive 88H
Dam: Hart Miss High Rate G153
MGS: Hart High Rate E350

Four Lane was a bull that in our opinion was not used enough. His progeny have tremendous body depth, fleshing ability and their dispositions are unmatched. Daughters are capacious cows with beautiful udders that are a joy to work with.

HSF High Roller 12T
ASA#: 2408113    Homo Polled - Hetero Black – Purebred

Sire: TJ 57J The Gambler
Dam: HSF Red Fortunes SIS 33
MGS: SRS Fortune 500

High Roller is a great calving to growth spread bull, but his greatest assets are his daughters. Udder and milk quality is outstanding.

Co-owned with C Diamond Simmentals and Hofmann Simmental Farm

WS High Stakes W115
ASA# 2499571    Homo Polled -Non-diluter – Purebred

Sire: HSF High Roller 12T
Dam: WS Miss Dolly T10
MGS: LBR Crockett R81

High Stakes is a calving ease genius. His calves still grow well and we are pleased with how well balanced they are. He's an outcross to most red Simmentals.