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2016 Schlenker Family News

• 2016 Schlenker Family at Thanksgiving. Everyone was home
for the first time in two years.
Left to Right...Standing: Micah, Ethan, Cassia, Jordan, Susan,
Aaron, Dawson, Randi, Neva, Makayla, David, Adelaide, Jared,
Amber, Mike, Monica, Simeon, & Garnet.
Sitting: Grandpa Elroy, Terry, Oakley, & Cathy.
• 2016 Schlenker Siblings at Thanksgiving
Simeon (16), Cassia (22), Micah (20), Makayla (33), Jordan (30), Monica (27), Aaron (35), Amber (24), Jared (28), Garnet (12) & Ethan (17)
• February 2016 brought the birth of Dawson James Schlenker to Aaron and Randi Schlenker. We all look forward to his frequent visits to the ranch where he enjoys playing with toy tractors, and watching his dad, grandpa, aunts, and uncles work cows. He also loves riding in the tractor with his dad, and saying "moo."
• In May 2016, Neva Noreen Ross was born to David & Makayla (Schlenker) Ross of Michigan. She visited the ranch for the first time with her parents in November 2016 for Thanksgiving. The second granddaughter and niece to be born into the Schlenker family, she won everyone over with her bright blue eyes, and infectious smiles!


• Wedding bells rang as Mike & Amber (Schlenker) Michalak said "I do" in August 2016. The Schlenkers welcomed their second son-in-law/brother-in-law into the family! The couple is happily making a home together in a suburb of Denver, CO.

•A Ring Bearer & A Flower Girl
Oakley (3) & Adelaide (2) Schlenker were part of the wedding party in Mike & Amber (Schlenker) Michalak's wedding, August 2016.
Possessing a very special, sibling bond, they walked both down and back up the aisle holding hands.
They love coming to stay at the ranch, where they spend lots of quality time with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousin Dawson, cows, tractors, and eat lots of home cooked meals.



• Jordan and Susan Schlenker announce the upcoming arrival of their baby, grandchild #5. Coming in February 2017.






• Aaron and Randi Schlenker announced that they are expecting another baby boy, and grandchild #6! Dawson will be getting a little brother, February 2017!