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2017 Schlenker Family News

• 2016 Schlenker Family at Thanksgiving. Everyone was home
for the first time in two years.
Left to Right...Standing: Micah, Ethan, Cassia, Jordan, Susan,
Aaron, Dawson, Randi, Neva, Makayla, David, Adelaide, Jared,
Amber, Mike, Monica, Simeon, & Garnet.
Sitting: Grandpa Elroy, Terry, Oakley, & Cathy.
• 2016 Schlenker Siblings at Thanksgiving
Simeon (17), Cassia (23), Micah (21), Makayla (34), Jordan (31), Monica (28), Aaron (36), Amber (25), Jared (29), Garnet (13) & Ethan (18)
• Oakley (5) & Adelaide (3) Schlenker
These inseparable siblings get to stay at the ranch on a regular basis. They love getting to see and be a part of whatever our daily activities happen to be. This last year they got to see many babies during calving season, help bring heifers home for pregnancy ultra-sounding this summer, and watch us wean calves this fall. They are always eager to help, learn, and ask lots of questions.
•Dawson (2) & Quinn (1) Schlenker
 These little cowboys make periodic visits to the ranch to participate in whatever is going on. Quinn loves watching and growling at cows as they go through the chute. Dawson especially enjoys getting to ride in the tractor while his Dad, uncles, and grandpa feed the cattle. They make lots of cow and tractor sounds following their trips to the ranch.


• Neva Ross (Almost 2)
 Miss Neva lives in Michigan with her parents, David & Makayla (Schlenker) Ross. She made her third trip to the ranch in December and got to ride in the tractor with Grandpa Terry during chores. Looking at those smiles I think it's safe to say that they made some great memories together!  Neva will be getting a little sister in April 2018

• Jordan & Susan Schlenker welcomed Alaura Marie into the world in February 2017. She is the 5th grandchild and 3rd granddaughter to be born into the Schlenker family.
 Now almost a year old, Alaura comes over to visit us at the ranch often. She regularly gets to ride in the tractor with her Dad, and even knows how to say, "moo."
She recently got to witness her first calf birth as her Dad, uncle and aunt pulled a set of twins. Her wide eyes didn't miss a thing.



•November 2017 brought the arrival of Mason Elroy Schlenker to proud parents, Micah & Megan. Mason is grandson #5 and grandchild #8. His sweet smiles have captured all of our hearts!



Grandpa Elroy