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2019 Schlenker Family News

• 2016 Schlenker Family at Thanksgiving. Everyone was home
for the first time in two years.
Left to Right...Standing: Micah, Ethan, Cassia, Jordan, Susan,
Aaron, Dawson, Randi, Neva, Makayla, David, Adelaide, Jared,
Amber, Mike, Monica, Simeon, & Garnet.
Sitting: Grandpa Elroy, Terry, Oakley, & Cathy.
• 2016 Schlenker Siblings at Thanksgiving

Simeon (18), Cassia (24), Micah (22), Makayla (35), Jordan (32), Monica (29), Aaron (37), Amber (26), Jared (30), Garnet (14) & Ethan (19)

• Jared's kids, Adelaide (4) & Oakley (6), love their visits to the ranch.
 This past year they helped us haul cows home from pasture and enjoyed lots of fun rides in the tractors during the seasonal work.
• Dawson (3) & Quinn (2), sons of Aaron & Randi Schlenker, come to the ranch on a weekly basis. You will usually find them riding in the tractor with their grandpa, dad, uncles or Aunt Cass during chores, where there are always lots of questions about the cows and machinery.
 Boy number 3 is due to arrive in February 2019.


• Neva (2) became a proud big sister to Selah, in April 2018. These beautiful girls live in Michigan with their parents, David & Makayla (Schlenker) Ross. We look forward to their next visit to North Dakota.

• Jordan & Susan Schlenker welcomed their second child and first son, Joshua, into the world in October 2019. Alaura (1) is a great big sister and ranching enthusiast. She enjoys coming to the ranch to visit and be a part of whatever is going on. 


• Myles Michalak (1), son to Mike & Amber (Schlenker) Michalak, lives in a suburb of Denver, CO. He made four trips to the ranch in 2018 where he got in on some of the farm and ranch work. He especially loved getting to ride with Pops (Great Grandpa Elroy) in the combine during wheat harvest. Myles is going to be a big brother in February 2019.


• Mason Schlenker (1), son to Micah Schlenker & Megan Badinger, continues to win all of our hearts with his bright eyes and beaming smile. He is always happy to come to the ranch to visit his grandparents, aunts, and uncles!




• Terry, Cathy & Cassia made the drive to Bozeman, MT for the ASA's 50th Anniversary celebration which took place during the 2018 Fall Focus in August. They toured the ASA headquarters and met most of the incredible staff there. Dr. Jackie Atkins & Dr. Wade Schafer were just a couple of the people we enjoyed seeing in the duration of our visit.


• Grandma Millie Wilkinson celebrated her 98th birthday in May 2018, with her daughter, Cathy and many grandkids and a great-grandchild by her side.





• Grandpa Elroy