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WS Prime Time B6
ASA#: 2852195    Homo Polled- Non-diluter- Purebred

Sire: WS Prime Beef Z8
Dam: WS Majestic Z133
MGS: GW Redcoat 099TS

Prime Time calves are on the rise. Bulls calves are exceptional in muscle, depth, and rear end.
Daughters are fantastic mothers with plenty of milk and capacity. His ten first calf daughter's first calves indexed 110 at birth and 104 at weaning.

KBHR Sniper E036
ASA#: 3312030    Homo Polled -Non-dilutor- Purebred

Sire: Bar CK Hunter
Dam: KBHR C078
MGS: GW Redestined

High selling bull in Keller's 2018 sale, Sniper is on his way to becoming a popular option for outcross, red breeding.
Possessing a docile temperament does not slow him down in the pasture. He was placed with over 60 heifers and he did his job well!
We're excited to get his first calves in January 2019.

ES Classified CA46
ASA#: 3025424    Homo Black -Homo Polled 3/4 SM 1/4 AN

Sire: Hook's Yellowstone
Dam: ES A46
MGS: W/C United

We purchased Classified from Eichackers in 2016. We've been very pleased with this bull. He doesn't disappoint in any fascet.
Bull calves are structurally superior and his daughters are going to make beautiful cows. We look forward to calving the first of his daughters out in 2019.

ASA#: 2974622    Homo Black -Homo Polled -Purebred

Sire: CLRS Grade-A
Dam: WS Alida A52
MGS: WS Hot Beef X38

CEO was retained as a Herd Sire at Wilkinson Farms back in 2016. His dam is a beautiful Hot Beef daughter that never disappoints with her calves.
CEO impresses with his carcass traits and maternal
CEO's daughters may be his finest asset. His first daughters will calve in 2019.