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2019 Schlenker Family News

• 2019 Schlenker Family
Everyone was home at the ranch in September 2019.
• Terry & Cathy Schlenker celebrated 42 years of marriage in July 2019. Together they have 11 children, 6 bonus kids, and 13 grandchildren (with one more on the way).

• Schlenker Siblings 2019 -L to R:
Simeon (19), Garnet (15), Aaron (38), Cassia (25), Jordan (34), Monica (30), Jared (32), Makayla (36), Micah (23), Amber (27) & Ethan (20).


• Aaron & Randi Schlenker with their three sons: Dawson (4), Quinn (3) and Creed (1). This beautiful family lives 10 miles from the ranch, so Dawson and Quinn frequently come to work with their dad and join in on the daily activities. They love cows and are becoming quite the cattlemen already! Whether it be riding in the buddy seat in the tractor during chores, sorting or working cows, or riding in the skid steer with their dad; their quick eyes and sharp minds take it all in.

• David & Makayla (Schlenker) Ross with their two girls: Neva (3) & Selah (1), and baby girl #3 coming in June 2020. Their family resides in Owosso, MI where David is a pastor and Makayla works from home as the registrar for a church ministry. Neva and Selah are gems and enjoy visiting North Dakota and especially love when their North Dakota family visits them. A love for animal husbandry has been instilled in them, as their family raises registered Rottweilers.


• Jordan & Susan Schlenker with their two children: Alaura (3) & Joshua (1). Living just a few miles from the home-base, we get to see Alaura and Joshua often. They're always eager to ride in the tractors and experience all that goes on during their visits. Alaura has a special love for animals as their family has chickens, lots of cats, and last year a large litter of puppies. She was the perfect caretaker .

• Jared Schlenker with his two kids: Oakley (7) & Adelaide (5). These two smiling kiddos love when they get to come to stay at the ranch. Adelaide told me one day, after getting to watch a backwards calf get pulled, "Someday, I'm going to be big enough to drive the tractor to feed the cows and help the babies when they're born...just like you, Aunt Cass!"




• Mike & Amber (Schlenker) Michalak and their two blessings: Myles (2) & Mercedes (1). Myles and Cedee make the trip from Denver, CO a couple of times per year. Myles loves riding in the tractor with Grandpa, Aunt Cass, and his uncles. He asks lots of questions about the cows and enjoys learning about them.


• Micah & Megan with their spunky, smiley son, Mason (2).
Mason is always asking to come to the ranch to see the cows. On his most recent visit, he got to go out and see the baby calves in the barn. One calf came up to him and was licking his coveralls. He loved every minute of it!


• Ethan & Nichole with their 10-month-old son, bright-eyed boy, Casyn.
Casyn comes to the ranch all the time with his mom and dad. He is destined to love blaze face cattle, as that is a staple in his father's herd.


• Schlenker Men: L to R: Simeon, Aaron, Jordan, Terry, Grandpa Elroy, Jared, Micah & Ethan


• Schlenker Women: L to R: Makayla, Cassia, Cathy, Garnet, Monica & Amber